Production Capacity


During the development of the strut system, optimization was carried out in terms of durability, waterproof level, strength performance, noise, etc., to fully meet the requirements of pre-installation customers.
According to the input conditions of the vehicle body and door provided by the customer, the matching calculation of the electric strut can be carried out, and the preliminary analysis can be carried out from the installation point arrangement, the calculation of the spring force value, and the check of the clearance around the strut to minimize the development cycle. , Meet customer project schedule requirements.



The tailgate ECU is composed of power processing chip, MCU, MOS drive chip, MOS tube, CAN chip and other components and connectors.
        The MCU detects the external signal (door opening and closing execution) through the IO circuit, analyzes the satisfaction of the conditions and executes the forward and reverse rotation of the strut motor and the forward and reverse rotation of the door lock motor; at the same time, it reads the position and adjusts the speed through the Hall signal, Current sampling detects the running current in real time.
        If an alarm or abnormality occurs during operation, the abnormal state will be prompted by the buzzer



After the salesman receives the customer's order, the order will enter the system and forward it to the production department for unified management. According to the material situation and the time of placing the order, the production department considers various aspects to reasonably arrange the production table. After completing the preparation, submit it to the production manager for approval and inform the salesperson in time. If there are special circumstances, the salesperson will communicate with the customer in time and adopt the most effective solution. During the production process, all accessories will undergo quality inspection to ensure that the product is 100% no problem. The production team also needs to strictly abide by the production plan to prevent the occurrence of omissions, mis-arrangements or unreasonable production schedules. If found, it will be punished according to the circumstances.